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Production of Kiln-Dried Firewood
"Taking an Extra Step to Guarantee Quality"
  • Firewood is dried in large baskets at temperatures reaching 250° F.
  • Forced air circulation provides even distribution of heat throughout the firewood.
  • Temperature probes display the internal temperature of the firewood.  These temperatures reach above 212° F indicating that the water is literally boiling out of the wood.  Because the temperatures reach so high, our firewood is completing heat treatment for USDA Certification.
  • Nothing goes to waste!  We use our byproducts of sawdust, wood chips, and irregular chunks of wood to produce the heat that dries your firewood!
Here at Five Star Firewood, we don't cut corners in our production of high quality materials.  Kiln dried firewood is a popular option for homes and restaurants as a source of fuel for heat.  In the past, the majority of firewood products available to consumers were simply seasoned for an unclear amount of time in order to offer something that would burn efficiently.  This was a disadvantage to producers of firewood because a competitive product would have to be produced almost a year ahead of time.  Our kiln-drying process enables us to make a 100% guarantee to our customers - you will receive firewood that is dried to a low moisture content, produced throughout the year and readily available.  Please contact us for more information.
Benefits of Kiln-Dried Firewood
  • Our product has a consistent low moisture content.  Seasoned firewood can be unclear in the amount of water that it retains and no guarantees can be made.  Since kiln-dried firewood has such a low moisture content, it is easy to light and burns more efficiently than seasoned firewood.
  • The kiln-drying process that our firewood undergoes eliminates insects and mold spores.  Our product is very clean and suitable for indoor storage.
  • Because our firewood is lower in moisture content, it produces lower emissions.  This means LESS creosote and LESS ash.
  • Our firewood is USDA Certified for legal distribution in quarantined areas.  Please see our USDA Certification page and feel free to contact us for more information.