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​1 cord kiln-dried firewood: $600

1/2 cord kiln-dried firewood: $325

1/4 cord kiln-dried firewood: $195
Our kiln-dried firewood:

~100% oak wood - red oak and white oak

~cut at 16-18 inches (custom length available)

~split down to an average size piece of about 4 inches in diameter

~kiln-dried for 48 hours to reach low moisture content

~very dry and ready to burn upon delivery!
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FREE DELIVERY to locations in Northern Virginia!

$50 delivery charge to locations in Maryland

$50 delivery charge to locations in DC
How many bags of kindling? ($10 each)
​Stacking service is also available. Please select below if you need stacking upon delivery.

1/4 cord stacking: $25
1/2 cord stacking: $50
1 cord stacking: $100

Price increase with jobs involving greater difficulty.  Please provide description below if the stacking involves steps or rough terrain.
All wood delivered is unloaded from the truck by hand (either dropped or stacked as requested).  This ensures that you do not get a huge pile of scraps left in your driveway after stacking all of the wood!  Only clean, dry pieces of firewood will be delivered!
Dropped from truck
Stacked upon delivery