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Residential Firewood Delivery
We deliver premium firewood to residences in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.  Our residential firewood is 100% oak and is first split and seasoned for about 6 months.  After proper seasoning of our oak firewood, it is loaded into our firewood kiln and heated to temperatures in excess of 250 degrees for 48 hours!  This removes any leftover moisture content and also eliminates insects that may inhabit the wood.  Our product is always of the highest quality and guaranteed ready to burn upon delivery!

Stay warm by choosing Five Star Firewood!

Call us at 703.509.2639 
Give us a call at
(703) 509-2639
Restaurant Firewood Supply
We deliver premium oak and hickory cooking wood for restaurants and businesses with wood fired pizza, wood fired grills, smokers and real pit BBQ in the DC Metropolitan area.

-Triple split kiln dried oak firewood for pizza ovens

-Custom cut BBQ smoking wood including white oak, hickory, cherry wood and more

-We deliver on a weekly basis and will never let you run out of firewood!

Please contact us at 703-509-2639 or visit us at www.firewoodbundles.com to make an inquiry
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