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Five Star Premium 100% Oak Kiln Dried Firewood

Five Star Premium 100% Oak Kiln Dried Firewood

Five Star Premium 100% Oak Kiln Dried Firewood.  Our 100% oak kiln dried firewood consists of only the highest quality logs that you will find.  Oak is one of the best types of hardwood firewood available.  It has one of the highest BTU values out of all species of wood.  Our standard cut is 14-16 inches in length and has an average diameter of 3-4 inches per split.

We dry all of our oak firewood in state of the art kilns that steadily maintain temperatures in excess of 250 degrees for over 24 hours. This process guarantees that the firewood you purchase from Five Star Firewood will consistently have a moisture content of 15% or less. Kiln dried firewood is easy to light, free of mold and insects, and produces virtually no smoke when burning. This low moisture content also means that there will be less ash and less creosote buildup than regular seasoned firewood.

Available in 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord, 3/4 cord, or 1 full cord.

As always, we offer free delivery for all of our firewood products to customers in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Maryland, and DC!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Andrew Lederman
Great work!

Excellent delivery and service. Thanks!

James Partridge

FS delivered the Oak Kiln Dried firewood the day after order and delivery was
excellent. I would recommend FS for firewood.
Jim Partridge

Matt Walker

Great service!

Brian Smith
Awesome wood, Quick Delivery!!

Could not be happier with the delivery and quality of wood. Awesome all around, will definitely be purchasing again!

The Harrells
Excellent, Same Day Service for Me!

Daniel and Gwyndel performed above reproach through the entire process, from inquiries to order to delivery. Quality product as well. Retain and promote these employees! Thanks Five Star!

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